About us

Lazur Dairy Cooperative is a modern company with over 85 years of tradition in the production of cheeses. The original, developed over years recipes along with undisputed experience have enabled the company to offer its customers top quality blue cheeses. Our products are made from the best, Polish milk delivered only by suppliers who are able to satisfy the strictest quality requirements.

Exquisite Lazur cheeses are a combination of creamy, buttery taste of their texture with an aromatic flavor characteristic of any type of blue, white or green mold. The subtle, sophisticated taste and aroma result from a maturation process which takes place over the period of several weeks, in specific conditions. Due to their exceptional taste and smell, as well as the nutritious value, Lazur cheeses have a variety of culinary applications.

The Company constantly widens its offer of products, and thanks to the continuous improvement of cheese making recipes we are able to produce cheeses of innovative, and yet better quality. The new production facility, commissioned in the year 2010, is equipped with state of the art machines, which has enabled the cooperative to increase the production volume. Innovations in packaging and means of customizing is another sign of the company’s quick response to the changing market demands. Lazur has pioneered slicing blue cheeses, and we are the only company manufacturing cheeses with mould containing active probiotic bacteria.

Lazur is a 100% Polish capital company. The company strictly complies with ISO 22000 and BRC.