Cheese spread

Blue Lazuretta

Blue Lazuretta cheese spread is a unique combination of Lazur Blue cheese, garlic and chives. It is characterized by a velvety texture typical of processed cheeses and a strong, tangy flavour of quality mould typical of Lazur Blue cheese. Thanks to its soft texture, Blue Lazuretta blends well with hot pasta or sauces for roast meat or grilled vegetables.


Gold Lazuretta

Gold Lazuretta cheese spread is a fusion of slightly sweet, milky taste of Lazur Gold blue cheese, with its typical flavour of nuts and quality mould, and the harmonizing addition of bell peppers. Gold Lazuretta tastes delicious with whole wheat bread or grilled food. It can also serve as a basis of sauces and dips supplementing the taste of meat and fish. 

a cup

Unit package 1 kg
Multi package a carton of 4 pieces
Storage conditions +1°C to +6°C
Shelf-life 80 days
Type of unit packaging  a cup